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british open golf live

Hole-by-hole course guide for Oakmont, the 2016 US Open venue. As the US Open returns to Pittsburgh, here’s a hole-by-hole guide on how to tackle Oakmont Country Club.

Hole 1, 482yds, Par 4: A really demanding opener, with the second shot blind to a green that slopes from front to back.

DATE: Jun 16 – Jun 19
TOURNAMENT: U.S. Open Golf Live
Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, PA
PURSE: $10,000,000

U.S. Open Golf Live

open golf 2016

Hole 2, 340yds, Par 4:

Many players take an iron off the tee with a ditch left and bunkers right, but downwind some will try to get as close as they can to a green where three putts are common.

Hole 3, 426yds, Par 4:

The famous Church Pew bunkers are left of the fairway and the bunkers on the right are no fun either. The elevated green is relatively flat by Oakmont standards.

Hole 4, 609yds, Par 5:

The Church Pew bunkers again come into play and further traps in the right rough are very severe. Despite the length of the hole, driver might not be the best option off the tee due to the premium on accuracy.

Hole 5, 382yds, Par 4:

Irons for position will be the usual course of action, leaving an approach to one of the most undulating greens.

Hole 6, 194yds, Par 3:

The first of the short holes offers little respite, with a small green which slopes from right to left.

U.S. Open Golf Live

Hole 7, 479yds, Par 4:

This hole is another where par feels like a real achievement. Left of the green is the main danger, while the putting surface itself is angled severely from left to right.

Hole 8, 288yds/252yds, Par 3:

When played furthest back, this is the longest par-three in major history. The green might well be out of reach for some, while anything slightly left is likely to find the Sahara bunker that is 100 yards long.