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Golf us open 2016

Each June the USGA creates a “reallocation list,” which is essentially the list of alternates for next week’s U.S. Open based on the various qualifiers that are held around the globe. Although this reallocation list is likely based on a complicated formula, there’s no way to know for sure because the USGA doesn’t “make that known,” according to a spokesman for the association.

DATE: Jun 16 – Jun 19
TOURNAMENT: U.S. Open Golf Live
Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, PA
PURSE: $10,000,000

U.S. Open Golf 2016

golf open

Players can get a rough idea where they are on the list based on the relative strength of each qualifying field (the first replacement was pulled from the qualifier in Japan followed by players from the Memphis and England events, respectively), but the actual list – just like the lists that are published each week on Tour – remains a well-guarded secret.

This leaves players to guess where they are on the alternate list, and the rest of us to guess why in the world the USGA would be so guarded over something that is so straightforward.

U.S. Open Live Golf Video

Tour commissioner Tim Finchem vowed to “begin the search for a new title sponsor right away and are confident we will be successful in those efforts.”

Normally, those would be encouraging words, but after the World Golf Championship’s exit from Doral last week for Mexico City, that kind of optimism is in short supply. Guessing games. It’s a rite of summer and yet every year it seems that much more comical.