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UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live

UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live

LAS VEGAS – Jon Jones won’t wait long to speak with the media after he was removed from the UFC 200 main event Wednesday night.UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

Jones (22-1 MMA, 16-1 UFC), who was pulled from Saturday’s UFC 200 headliner against Daniel Cormier (17-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC) due to a potential USADA anti-doping violation, is scheduled to speak to the media Thursday at 11:30 a.m. ET (8:30 a.m. PT local time) in Las Vegas.

As a result of Jones’ removal from the monumental fight card, a heavyweight contest between Brock Lesnar (5-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC) and Mark Hunt (12-10-1 MMA, 7-4-1 UFC) has been elevated to the new UFC 200 main-event slot. UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

Stay tuned to MMAjunkie for complete coverage of Jones’ first statement since being removed from the UFC 200 fight card.

UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live
UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live

Watch UFC 200 Live

Date:  09 July 2016 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

timate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is no longer fighting Daniel Cormier at the upcoming UFC 200 pay-per-view (PPV), scheduled for this Saturday (July 9, 2016) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Full report here. UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

That’s because of a potential anti-doping violation under the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which informed “Bones” that a positive sample was returned during a June 16 out-of-competition drug test (UFC statement here). Today (Thurs., July 7, 2016), the embattled mixed martial arts (MMA) star will comment on his latest mishap.

In the meantime, the promotion is expected to make an announcement regarding the future of Daniel Cormier, who is without an opponent for this weekend’s big shebang in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the heavyweight showdown between Brock Lesnar and Mark Hunt takes over headlining duties. UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

Much more on the upcoming UFC 200 fight card, as well as the future of Jones, in the coming days.

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LIVE! Watch Jon Jones press conference after doping-related UFC 200 removal. UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

Jon Jones is a proven doper. Here are the facts and how the cover up occurred. Of course this test took place pre USADA and 30 days prior to Jones vs Cormier I

Jon was taken by complete surprise with “surprise” PED test initiated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission prior to DC1 in 2015.

Since there is not quick masking agent for Cocaine in Jon’s training bag, he popped positive but Jon obviously keeps “masking agent” handy that can be administered in just a minute or so, and clearly he overshot the masking agent as 3 subsequent tests yielded greater dilution over time as the masking agent was circulated further through his blood stream. UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

I personally feel this was the impetus for Dana to hire USADA to take over testing of UFC as he nearly lost his #1 guy during this fiasco and Dana immediately retained USADA subsequent to this.

The testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratio and total testosterone level of the UFC’s light heavyweight champion are “highly suspicious”, says Victor Conte, a previously convicted steroid trafficker and money launderer, turned chastened crusader against doping in professional sports. Conte founded the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative sports nutrition center and regularly speaks on the topic of performance enhancing drugs.

He told Sherdog Radio that the measured results in three of Jones’ pre-UFC 182 drug tests have been alarmingly low. The normal T/E ratio for an average African-American male is 1.3:1, says Conte. Jones’ samples showed ratios of 0.29:1, 0.35:1 and 0.19:1. Same goes for his overall testosterone levels. The three samples contained 1.8 ng/mL, 0.59 ng/mL and 4.9 ng/mL, the average level is 61.3 ng/ML.

Conte calls a T/E ratio deviation greater than 30 percent a “red flag”, Jones’ ratio deviated around 80 percent. UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

UFC 200 2016 Live

UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live
UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live

“That’s extremely low”, says the PED expert. And although none of the three samples contained traces of exogenous testosterone or any other PED, Conte still thinks there is something cooking:

I’ll use this example of Jon Jones

It means his testosterone was synthesized from cholesterol rather than phytosterols from soy. One thing a lot of people are missing including those demanding VADA testing is that the CIR test is easily beaten. Testosterone can be synthesized from cholesterol just as the body does. It simply costs more. Most prescription testosterone is synthesized from phytosterols because its cheaper. There is no need to use the more expensive processes of synthesizing from cholesterol. However, if you are rich athlete it pays to pay the premium for cholesterol based testosterone because it is undetectable with CIR. UFC 200 removal, Jon Jones schedules Live.

BALCO founder Victor Conte used to pass a gas through off the shelf testosterone and alter the chemical composition enough that it was not detectable via the then relevant tests. That’s how he created “the clear”. Then used IV saline to dilute and pass EPO testing.Now go link: